“My Racing Thoughts”

Jack’s Mannequin has just released their newest single “My Racing Thoughts” and if you’re a member of their online community you can stream it, NOW! Go do it! The album is set to be released in October. I cannot wait. Andrew McMahon is one of my favorite musicians, of my lifetime. The music love started when I was in eighth grade. One of my dear friends Justin would always talk to me about Something Corporate in English class, and I gave them a listen and was immediately hooked. Back then, before I could drive, and their cds were hard to track down, I’ll admit I was one of those kids who downloaded the scratchy distorted versions of songs so I could pile them on mixed cds and play them in my mom’s car until they started skipping. Now at twenty three the fascination has continued on throughout the past ten years. I’ve been fortunate enough to see both SoCo and Jack’s multiple times over this span. The photo above is from when my friend Kirsten and I saw Jack’s Mannequin play at the House of Blues in 2006. (I know I’m sweaty and my hair is crazy, but this was such a cool moment that I could barely believe was actually happening – in real life, in my life. There was this girl in the crowd who kept screaming “Andrew, I love you! Please have my babies!”) In tenth grade my dad drove my best friend Theresa and me to see Something Corporate at House of Blues Orlando. I was one of those kids who (I swear I couldn’t help it,) teared up when they played “Konstantine.” It was like my musical dream. I saw Something Corporate again, (with Justin actually and two of my girlfriends Beth and Janea) at Next Big Thing’s festival in Coachman’s Park over in the St.Pete/Clearwater/Tampa area, along with several other bands when my concert going days were in their prime. Freshman year at FSU I was able to go see Jack’s with my friend Kirsten when they played at her school, Stetson in 2007. Then, last summer, my awesome little brother Ethan agreed to go with me to the Something Corporate reunion tour in Orlando (at House of Blues, once again – they’ve been good to me!) I couldn’t bear to miss it, and he was the only one who agreed to go, even though he’s not into them so much. Oh it was completely absolutely fabulous. (Even when some guy went crazy and hit me in the stomach and elbowed me in the face.) Sigh, my point is…if you haven’t yet go check out the awesomeness that is Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin and the genius of Andrew McMahon.

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