Watch This

Watch This

I don’t go see movies in the theaters opening weekend very often. Crazy Stupid Love was an exception. I actually planned my visit to Lakeland around this movie because my girlfriends Asha and Kirsten wanted us to all get to see it together. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. We went to the 10:20 showing, and viewed with a very interactive audience. (At one point, when Ryan Gosling is making drinks at his house, a kid whispered audibly to his friend “OH MY GOD! He’s making meth!” – I laughed so hard Kir, hit me. When Emma Stone’s character tells Gosling to take off his shirt, this row of women whooped “Oh Lordy! Look at that!”) The movie itself brought me the same side splitting laughter as the audience’s entertainment, but it’s a rare thing when a film can also bring me to tears. I don’t want any spoilers here, but I was pleasantly surprised as Crazy Stupid Love sky rocketed into my favorites list while I was sitting in the theater. The cast has a fabulous chemistry, and didn’t disappoint, plus the plot has extremely accurate touches of reality that many romantic comedies seem to lack. I’ll most likely be purchasing this when it comes out on DVD, and that says a lot too. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends as a must-see. Two thumbs up for sure, don’t miss out!

Buy it, or watch it now!

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