Music Monday

Listen to This

I know I was slacking last week, but I couldn’t let another Monday pass without sharing (if anyone actually stumbles across this,) Matt Pond PA’s “New Hampshire.” I have loved this song for a long time now, and it’s worth giving a listen in case you fall in love, as well. I was trying to remember how I found them in the first place, and I’m thinking it’s probably the same way I found The Reindeer Selection. That was – being a moody teenager listening to satellite radio in my cousin’s car during freezing cold fall FSU tailgates. (This didn’t happen long because really, who wants to leave their car running for that? But I did find some gems over time.) Plus, if you’re a Tallahassee reader, this band will be visiting the lovely Club Downunder Tuesday September 27th!

“New Hampshire” and eleven other amazing songs are on Matt Pond PA’s album Emblems.

Plus, this is one of those random/cool fan created videos.


2 thoughts on “Listen to This”

  1. Thanks girl! You have good taste yourself 🙂 (I like that we can see each other on Spotify, even though I haven’t published any playlists yet!) And yay I’m so glad you’re enjoying it 😀

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