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Read This!

While yes I have been in the midst of re-reading Harry Potter, (I was a stubborn sixth grader and stopped after book one,) but I had been anxiously awaiting the follow up book to The Amanda Project, The Amanda Project Revealed. I was excited to see on my routine visit to the library a few weeks ago that it was sitting there on the shelf just waiting for me to check it out. I definitely recommend these books if you’re a mystery fan. The cool thing too is that they’re totally reader interactive, (not while you’re actually reading them, but still.) The website encourages readers to guess at the clues “Amanda Valentino” has left behind. If you were a fan of Veronica Mars (another must watch!) you should really try these, as they have a cool teenage sleuth feel to them. Plus, if you haven’t read the first one – than lucky you! There are two already ready for you, and you get to by pass the agonizing anticipation.

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