Tallahassee Magic

Throwback: Lizzi & I at the blackout game sophomore year, (2007.)

I will probably have a post soon about the awesomeness of last Friday, which included a visit to Railroad Square for First Friday, followed by a little walk over to All Saints Cafe, and then my first time going to All Saints Hop Yard. Pretty much it was all amazing and pretty and included good food, but like I said I think I’ll explain more in a later post.

What I really wanted to get to, is what I’m referring to the magic happy spell that has descended upon Tallahassee recently. You know what I think it is? Football. Not just football, Hometown Pride. There’s a sense of almost GLEE, exuding all over the place. There’s a bonding together for the Fisher family. I have to say, Be the Match is an organization that has been dear to my heart for a while now. I was involved in the campus bone marrow donor drives at FSU, and I still try to encourage people to sign up to be a donor, all the time. The thing is, it’s such a simple process, but you never know if you might be a match. You never know who’s life you could potentially help saving, the lasting impact…

I felt like I was glowing with excitement on Friday with such a good evening, followed by a night time swim under the stars, which just seems to scream summer.

Then on Saturday morning, I ran a few errands before I went into work for the weekend. I made a stop by McDonald’s to pick up some breakfast. It’d been a while, and I was craving a hash brown and iced coffee. (Let’s not think about how bad it was for me, it tasted good at the time!) It just so happens that one of the same people who had been working on Saturday morning at McDonald’s the last time I went into work on the weekend, was standing behind the register again. Of course he didn’t remember me, but our conversation started off very similarly. He asked if I was going to be a freshman or a sophomore, upon which I explained I already graduated. Last time the conversation ended shortly after that, but this time we found out that we graduated high school the same year, and both went to FSU. He asked about what I was doing now. He was just in such a good mood, it was impossible not to beam a broad smile back. Then as I was looking for a straw, an older man in a Rickards High School Football shirt, came up to me and said something to the effect of “Well darling, you look a little confused this morning!” to which I responded with a laugh, and explained I wasn’t, that I was probably just tired. Then he asked if I “drank too much” the night before? I laughed again because he had a hearty laugh with all  of this, and I couldn’t take offense, he was in such a good mood. I explained that I hadn’t then he told me, “maybe you should drink more next time!” While it was a ludicrous conversation, he then tells me he hopes I had a great rest of my day, and I wished the same to him.

I worked over time both Saturday and Sunday, and it really wasn’t bad. I mean, I can’t complain for the extra hours, plus I was in good company. I even had some catfish (one of my favorites!) made by one of my favorite co-workers. Of course some of the kids I was working with thought I was in high school, and were shocked when I explained I wasn’t. We had some good conversations about many different things – tv shows, summer reading, celebrities, country music. It was a good weekend.

While I hate to see summer go, I’m so excited for fall. It’s like there’s a renewed energy, here. When you’re a faithful Nole every season is exciting, but right now even more so. I’ve just been feeling this sense of unity lately, and that’s pretty awesome. My mom even made a Friday Night Lights (don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch now!) reference on the phone the other day, and I couldn’t argue. I had been a little disgruntled recently, a little restless, but I’m glad I didn’t make any impulsive decisions. I can’t imagine being anywhere else, but here. These are exciting days ahead!

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