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Read This: The Future of Us

First of all I should apologize for my lack of entries. Here we are ten days into January and my writing has been sparse. My motivation has been a little absent lately. Today’s date is significant for a special book I’ve anxiously been awaiting the publication of, but since it’s not in my possession yet, this story will be for a later time.

I’d like to introduce you all to one of my recently loved reads: The Future of Us, which was co-written by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler. I was already a fan of Asher, from another amazing work of his Thirteen Reasons Why, so I was really looking forward to reading this one. I pre-ordered it, and quickly failed at saving it on my shelf.

Of course, once I couldn’t wait any longer I devoured the book in about two days. Future is set  in the nineties, (which obviously automatically makes it awesome! Hello, Oasis references,) with high schoolers Josh and Emma, who are next door neighbors, and used-to-be-BFFs, stumbling across the future of Facebook through one of those old sample AOL CD-ROMs (remember those?! Am I marking my age here?) The teens discover that their current actions, can change the course of their futures, so chaos ensues as they try to manipulate the paths that lead them there.

As I tweeted to Jay (because we’re so on a first name basis like that, and because I am completely enthralled by the fact that I can communicate through the internet with the author of a book I just finished reading, and they might actually respond to me!) one of my favorite parts of this novel is how realistic it was with the emotions and craziness of high school. The story takes place in the span of a week, and that’s how school always felt to me – like a year had passed in seven days! Asher and Mackler are both skilled in the ways of accurately conveying the teenage brain’s ability to over analyze every little detail, (but hey, with reason! That girl you talked to in health class could be your future wife!)

Without giving too much away, let me just say that this was an incredibly fun read, and I had some anxiety as I pondered Josh and Emma’s futures with them. After reading I brought it up in conversation with friends in the following weeks, and I definitely recommend it to you as well!


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