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Watch This: The Ides of March

Guess what’s out today? The Ides of March. As I’ve mentioned before I have a great love for Ryan Gosling. I think his range is phenomenal, and it doesn’t matter if the actions of his characters are detestable, the way he is so deeply entrenched in the people he plays is fascinating to me. I’m convinced of every roll he takes on – the teacher in Half Nelson, player turned monogamous lover in Crazy Stupid Love, tortured soul teenager in United States of Leeland, brilliant man who wrecks ideas of realistic expectations in The Notebook etc.

Gosling plays Stephen Meyers the sharp young campaign staffer for Presidential hopeful Mike Morris (Clooney.) It’s another one of those twisting stories of where our loyalties lie? In the craft or with the people? As always in politics, everything is constantly changing. Who’s really telling the truth? What’s the real story? Who can you trust?

I’m that annoying person who tries to predict outcomes in the movies I’m watching, so while I did figure out some of the elements of Ides, I still really enjoyed watching. It had this fast paced plot that was kind of suspenseful at times, and had my heart racing actually. I watched it in theaters with a friend but now that it’s out on DVD, I’ll definitely be watching again.


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