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Watch This: Almost Famous

Yesterday I gave y’all a nineties throw back in the form of Fiona Apple, but today let me present to you another throw back, one of the greatest works of film of all time: Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe gifted us with this masterpiece in 2000. There was a particular clip I wanted to post instead of the trailer, but if for some reason Almost Famous doesn’t already own a place in your heart, and you haven’t seen it yet, I didn’t want to ruin the moment for you.

Fifteen year old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) scores the most awesome gig of all time, touring with rock band Stillwater. He’s supposed to write an incredible interview for Rolling Stone.  (I know, dream world right?) It’s a long cross-country journey filled with tears and laughter as he is every bit behind the scenes with these musicians and their “band aids.” The gorgeous and elusive Penny Lane (played by Kate Hudson) remains one of my most favorite fictional characters, ever.

William and Penny aren’t the only lovable characters though. Guess who plays William’s big sister? Zooey Deschanel! And Frances McDormand plays their mother. Billy Crudup, Anna Paquin, Phillip Seymour Hoffman – pretty much just an entirely AMAZING cast. Also, there are about fifty completely quotable lines I’m refraining from adding here right now. I only wish Crowe would have made this a few years later, and I could have found a way to be part of it all.

If you haven’t seen it yet, or you just need to revisit the wonderful-ness watch it this weekend. Good luck not falling in love.


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