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Watch This: “The Vow”


It’s no secret I’m a huge Rachel McAdams fan, so I was anxiously awaiting to see her and Channing Tatum’s new film, The Vow. Its opening night was Friday, (some people even saw it at midnight on Thursday!) but my friend Amber and I were each others ‘Valentine’ last night, and braved the theater. It was a packed house, needless to say. I’m not always one for the super sappy chick flick, but every once in a while they definitely get me. In this intriguing story, based on true events,  young couple Leo and Paige are in a tragic car accident. Leo has little injury, and is the loyal husband at her bedside while Paige remains comatose. When she awakes, she doesn’t recognize her husband, or remember any of their life together. To put it simply: that would suck.

As he tries to help her piece back their life together, and remind her why they loved each other, Leo is so, so patient. I can’t imagine such a situation. The first seven to ten minutes of the movie are some of my favorite, as you see how they got together and became the madly in love couple before the accident. Not to give anything away, but the movie seemed  pretty realistic, as you see Paige and Leo as well as their friends, and her family frustrated and heart-broken. They miss Paige and the way their lives were with her in their memories. The movie has a lot to do with how we become who we are, the journey it takes us to get there, and what we leave behind to do so. It’s about the risks we take to fulfill our dreams, and the passion that motivates them.

The film is packed with good music, ranging from Matt Pond PA (I’ve mentioned my love for them before,) Meatloaf, The National, OK Go, to The Cure. Also, as an old school Felicity fan I enjoyed Scott Speedman appearing on-screen.

A lot of the time I’m a crier, but I’ll be honest I didn’t actually shed tears in this one though I got choked up a few times. It’s a pretty moving story. While it isn’t one of those I buy and watch over and over, I definitely recommend checking it out.

(And as an extra treat, here’s a video my friend shared with me, a Today interview of the real couple the movie is based on.)


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