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Watch This: My Week with Marilyn

With all of its Oscar buzz I’m sure you’ve heard about My Week With Marilyn by now. Michelle Williams does a phenomenal job in her portrayal of the late iconic star. Marilyn Monroe has always been a fascinating figure to me. I was sad to find out I’d missed this while it was playing in the local AMC theater, so a few weekends ago when I saw it was at our “cheap theater” I jumped on the opportunity to treat myself.

I found myself in my seat, just smiling up at the screen half the time, and maybe the other half I had a furrowed brow. Marilyn’s days were so riddled with her troubles, the skeletons of her past affecting every part of her life. She longed for acceptance and approval, and she had such a small circle of people she trusted. This film seemed to accurately portray Marilyn as I’ve read about her over the years.

I may have developed another film crush in Eddie Redmayne who plays Colin Clarke. The film was based from the time he documented while an assistant to Sir Laurence Oliver on set of The Prince and the Showgirl. Clarke develops an intimate relationship with Monroe during his time on the film, which allows viewers to see her “behind the scenes” behavior.

The cast ranges in regard to their feelings towards Monroe. Some people wrapped around her finger,  are intrigued by her presence. Others worry for her health and stability, and then there are those in constant frustration of her demanding attitude.

Williams was so deep into character that I felt like I really let go of the thought that it wasn’t actually Monroe on-screen.


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