Listen, Music Monday

Listen to this: Lucy’s Song

Unfortunately, I can’t find a link for this song I’ve hummed to myself all morning at the moment. If and when I do, you’ll be the first I share it with. This is another gem off one of those old mixed cassette tapes a friend had given me.

Betchadupa is a fun “New Zealand pop/rock group” (according to Wikipedia, they formed in 1997) that began with Neil Finn (Crowded House)’s son Liam Finn, and Matt Eccles (son of Brent Eccles.)

It’s too bad the album (Alphabetchadupa) that features my favorite “Lucy’s Song” isn’t in stock now, but there are some used ones up for sale through Amazon.

It’s yet another gray rainy Tallahassee Monday, and the weather hasn’t done much for my spirits. I woke up entirely too late and have felt like a mish mash of time and emotion throughout the day so far, BUT there is a plethora of Betchadupa tunes on YouTube, so I say check ’em out.

Lucy’s Song

Dreams don’t excite you
and I hope that I do
not much gets past you
but you don’t realise what I do
no you don’t realise what I do

I grew so close to you
like friends are supposed to
I laid beside you
but you don’t realise what i do
no you don’t realise what i do

and now we’re off again
my band, i’ll stand
the same worries that we bear
well i care
what matters is the time we share
we share
i only want to be with you
but i won’t lie
there’ll come a time
i know you’re true
i’ll wait for you
when times are hard
don’t fall apart
I’m tied to you
you’ll see me soon

the words i sigh
before i die
we know are true
’cause i love you


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