Listen to This: “Rome”

I know, I’ve been MIA lately. Last weekend I re-watched The Help and The Ides of March with my roommate Alex, and her sister Marie who was visiting from New Jersey. I didn’t have anything new to report on that front. I’ve been in the midst of reading The Lucky One for a bit, (I am the slowest Sparks reader and even though I’m not enthralled, I still wanted to read it before I see the movie.) So, to make up for my slacking I’ll tell you another one of my can-never-play-enough bands: Phoenix!

They, like Vampire Weekend, are another fantastic Pandora station (I listen to either of them non-stop during workouts.) I wasn’t even bothered with my late arrival to work this morning because of my Phoenix sing-a-long during the drive over. One of my favorites is “Rome” from Wolfgang Amadeus. I hear it and am instantly transported somewhere else, psychologically. This song ignites the dreamy parts of my brain, where I could journal for hours, or write endless letters. It’s whimsical and inspiring, reminding me of the more creative version of myself I’d like to pursue.


“Who’s the boy you like the most
Is he teasing you with underage?
Could he be waving from a tropical sunset?
Static silhouette somehow”


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