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THG Revisited

Happy Monday everyone! Today is a jam packed post with a little bit of everything: read this, watch this, AND listen to this! With the release of The Hunger Games film just days away (Thursday at midnight,) I’ve decided since it’s been a year since my first read, it’s time to revisit the book. You can read my gushing post about Suzanne Collins awesome masterpiece here. If I didn’t have work on Friday morning, and I thought I could make it through the day on three hours of sleep I’d definitely be there at the midnight showing. Instead I will probably have to wait until the weekend. Again, if you’ve skipped this recommendation, or you’ve somehow missed everybody talking about it (?!) READ IT!

I originally checked out THG from the library. I read maybe to page three, and I was sleepy and put it on my desk. I think I waited a few days before I picked it up again, but by the time I finished the first chapter, there was no tearing me away. I went online (when Borders was still in action,) and ordered the boxed set before I even finished – just knowing this trilogy was gold, and I wanted everyone I knew to read them! So my advice is if you’re hesitant give them an honest chance even if you don’t think “dystopian novels” or “young adult fiction” are your thing.

If you’ve also managed to miss out on the trailers splashed everywhere, (or you just can’t get enough!) here’s one :

An added treat! Here’s the official music video for “Safe and Sound” one of the first songs released from the soundtrack by The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift

Are you seeing the film at midnight? Are you dressing up for the occasion? (My hair feathers made me feel Katniss-like for a short while.) Share your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “THG Revisited”

  1. Meg, I sent the link to your blog and name to my friend Ashley she wants to do an interview with THG fans on their thoughts on the books, this sounded jsut perfect for you hope you don’t mind . 🙂 Miss you!

    1. Hey Casey! Of course I don’t, there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about books I love 🙂 thanks for sharing it! ❤

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