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Watch This/Read This: PLL

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Is anyone reading this a Pretty Little Liars fan? (Amazon has season one for $25!) I’ll admit, it’s my guilty pleasure, and one of the only shows I watch regularly live. My friend Katie and I have an active commentary that happens on our Facebook pages during the episode (last night we were at like 87 comments…there was just so much going on!) And my friend Leah and I text each other throughout the episode. (Who am I kidding, we text each other about PLL on a regular basis. She had a good deal of hypotheses going on while avoiding her comps, and it keeps me entertained during my slow periods at work.) Sometimes this is a nice distraction when I’m too freaked out to keep my eyes open (hey! the second half of this season has gotten extra intense.) The finale “Unmasked” aired on Monday night. This was appropriately labeled “A-Day” as audiences would finally learn the answer to our two-year question: who is A? Monday morning the cast (minus Ashley Benson, I’m assuming since she’s filming Spring Breakers in Florida?) appeared on GMA. I’m normally a Today Show kind of girl, but I had to check it out that morning. I am completely aware that my fascination with this show is out-of-bounds of anything that could be considered reasonable, but it’s fun to have something different to watch – something that keeps me on the edge of my seat. (I know it’s a far cry from my Downton love.) As much as I enjoy rooting for OTP’s in other shows, that’s not really my main draw here (though I do get sucked into that part as well,) so that’s kind of refreshing in itself.

If you’ve missed the buzz about this addictive show – here’s a quick run down. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily were all once BFF’s with queen bee mean girl Allison in small town Rosewood, Pennsylvania. A few years ago Allison disappeared the night of a sleepover they were having. A year later her body was discovered. Following Aly’s funeral, the girls started receiving threatening texts from a mysterious “A.” These messages had instructions, of horrible tasks they were to complete to keep their secrets safe. Somehow this anonymous person knew all the gritty facets of their lives, and would constantly hang this bits of information over their heads which leads them to go to outrageous lengths to prevent them from being outed. Sometimes, “A” puts family members or friends in danger. There were really no limits to the hoops they were expected to jump through, which regularly jeopardized their relationships. The past two seasons of this show have been a roller coaster of surprises, that kept fans anticipating just who “A” really is. Every time we got close to putting pieces together new clues were revealed.

The show is loosely based off the book series of the same title written by Sara Shepard. I was a bad book reader and read the first one, and then the “last” one (then I thought Wanted would be the last book.) Of course with “A” final is the operative word. Shepard has since released Twisted and Ruthless. I placed a hold on Twisted (along with Maureen Johnson’s Name of the Star I haven’t read yet because I’m a slacker fan. Maureen is besties with John Green, and has an incredibly entertaining Twitter to boot!) When I went to pick up the books from the public library on my way home from work yesterday, I had a fun encounter at the circulation desk. I’d also picked up another Shepard book in my visit, which prompted the woman checking my books out to ask if I watch Pretty Little Liars? I got really excited of course, and was like “yes! Do you? Did you watch last night?!” of course she did, so then we launched into a conversation about how insane the episode was, and the characters we’re particularly suspicious of. It was completely enjoyable, and the other people behind the counter seemed amused by our conversation. The guy next to me checking out, laughed to himself at our enthusiasm. I heard her tell the others that they need to watch it, as I was walking away. I love interactions like that! While I may have cheated in the book series, I’ll tell you this: I had nightmares after reading Wanted – that’s how spooky it was. I was amazed at the complex intertwining of story lines, and that in itself was enough to keep me reading.

Now that “A” has been “revealed” (this is debatable – just watch and you’ll see what I mean,) fans have a little wait here (June!) to see the rest of the story unravel. Are you a PLL fan? Have you read the books? What do you think? Leave me a comment and I’d love to chat about any of it!

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