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Happy Hunger Games, May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

The time has finally arrived! (For some, it started in chaotic snaking lines through movie theater hallways spilling onto sidewalks in dark hours of last night.) The Hunger Games, the first film from the trilogy by Suzanne Collins, directed by Gary Ross has now been officially released into theaters. I will finally be seeing it on Sunday afternoon here in Tallahassee. (Oh the agony if I tried to wait longer than that!) This has been an exciting week in my world of book talk though, even apart from this special day. As clear in my earlier post mentioning my enthusiastic conversation with the woman at the circulation desk in the library, I love to chat about books with anyone who is willing. I had another opportunity to have a book related conversation this week, on Wednesday but this time with a reporter from the newspaper! My blog link was passed along, so he contacted me as a “local fan” to chat about none other than THE HUNGER GAMES! I normally wouldn’t dedicate an entry to such things, but I was excited to say the least. It was a fun conversation, and a few bits are in the article (Tallahassee has healthy appetite for ‘The Hunger Games’) Jordan Culver wrote for The Tallahassee Democrat featured on the front page of yesterday’s newspaper. Putting my personal bias aside the article is cool anyways because who knew Tallahassee was number three (?!) in top cities buying the books? Major cool points for Tally, guys. Anyways, check out the article if you want (don’t hate on me for my Twilight opinion,) and I’m sure I’ll be getting back to you after I see the movie! Have a great weekend, and happy viewing!


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