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Watch This: Downton Abbey

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Oh my word! Basically, I’ve waited for my obsession to subside a bit before I sprung a post on you guys insisting that if you haven’t watched Downton Abbey yet – you need to! At once! The show takes viewers into the lives of the Crawley family living at Downton Abbey (filmed at the gorgeous Highclere Castle in England,) and the servants. I immediately felt attached to the superb cast. You root for some characters, bite your tongue at the audacity of others, and are constantly thrown curve balls in the ever-changing on-goings of the grounds. Season one begins shortly after the tragic sinking of the Titanic. This event has significant impact on the more political affairs of the family. Season two takes a dramatic twist though as we see how war-time affects these characters . The show has the best features of any program – the ability to make me laugh and cry, cheer and shout. (I am probably – scratch that, definitely too wrapped up in this show, but at least I have company.) One of my favorite parts about the show is how due to he rules and boundaries constantly hindering the interaction between class and gender, each conversation is pivotal. (This also reminds me that I should probably be more intentional in my own conversations, as well.) PBS recently aired the season two finale on Masterpiece Theater a few weekends ago. After manically devouring season one on Netflix, and then eagerly catching up on the current season on the PBS website, I was finally able to watch it live! If you follow my tweets (hey look, over there on the left side bar!) you probably noticed my incessant mentions. I have encouraged everyone I know to watch it. My mom is crazy cool, and was on board after me showing her the first episode. I re-watched several of them with her, and a few weekends ago when my housemate decided she was ready to hunker down and see what all the fuss was about, I re-watched several of them again. (There’s no such thing as watching Downton too many times.) The finale was awesome, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. The great Maggie Smith (as the Dowager Countess) has some fabulous lines. Dan Stephens as Matthew Crawley is incredibly swoon worthy. Fierce and feisty Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary is my new favorite female celebrity. (I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil it, if you haven’t gotten a chance to get hooked yet!) Everything about it is just oozing with wonderful-ness! I tend to have a thing for period dramas, but this is beyond my normal affection. Of course, Downton has quite a range of drama and scandal, but I feel like it is one of most tasteful shows I’ve ever really gotten into. Sure, there’s the occasional “bitch,” or “bloody,” but it seems about as far from trashy a television program can be now. I can’t wait for season three to air, where Shirley MacLaine plays Cora’s mother. This is another one of those shows that has only fueled my ridiculous ideas of dream jobs. I would love to be on set for the production of Downton, or you know…just be Lady Mary! Have you watched Downton Abbey yet? What did you think? Are you also anxiously awaiting the far off premiere of season three? Leave me a comment and we’ll chat!

8 thoughts on “Watch This: Downton Abbey”

    1. Oh my goodness isn’t it so addicting?! I caught up just in time to watch the season two finale live. So good! Now it seems like forever til the next season will air!

  1. I have been meaning to watch this! I saw it on netflix but got distracted by Party Down and Greys Anatomy. Definitely will be watching this over the summer though!

    1. Oh my goodness be prepared to be addicted! It’s pretty much amazing! Maybe at that point season two will be on Netflix too, so you can be all caught up at one time. I haven’t watched Grey’s in a while, (well still off and on here and there) but the first several seasons were pretty awesome. I’ve enjoyed what I watched of Party Down too, but didn’t see all of them yet. Are you a Veronica Mars fan?! (Most people I know who are into PD are…)

      1. Don’t get too attached to Party Down because it was canceled after season 2… my boyfriend didn’t tell me til we finished it and I almost cried lol. I have not watched Veronica Mars… I don’t even know what its about to be honest. I’m just finishing season 6 of Grey’s, I was watching all the time but then it got a little boring :/ I really hope that Downton Abbey is on netflix soon lol!

      2. I did know that and I think that’s why I put it off because that drives me nuts when shows get cancelled and they’re just kind of floating in space. Veronica Mars is about a teenage private detective, (well her dad is a PI and she works at his office and is involved in cases more than he’d like, though he knows she’s good.) The show starts off as she’s trying to figure out who killed her best friend Lilly. It unfortunately ends on a weird note too as it got cancelled at the end of season 3, but it’s created by Rob Thomas too! (Same as Party Down,) and he brought in some of the cast for that project as well. It happens to be on Netflix if you’re interested 🙂 I skipped over it for years but then when I started watching I devoured all the seasons (then I was sad because they were over.) Umm okay I realize I sound like someone completely obsessed with tv but these were spread out over the years haha.

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