Listen to This: “Be, Be My Love”

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You know how scents and sounds have certain associations with memories? Music is always like that for me. Literally it feels like every time I turn on the radio, listen to my iPod, even Pandora – I’m flooded with a scrapbook of moments from my life reeling through my brain. A friend posted the Jason Mraz/Rachael Yamagata song “Did You Get My Message” on Facebook this morning, so I listened to it while I made my breakfast. Then I was well on my way down memory lane, deep in thought of times associated with Rachael Yamagata lyrics. Most vividly “Be Be Your Love,” which I had a sort of addiction to during my senior year of high school and the summer following. I’m pretty sure I first found Rachael’s music through The OC (which was/is one of my favorite tv shows!) I recall sitting in parking lots on humid Florida nights, and I must have had an iPod with me, (since we didn’t have iPhones yet,) cranking this song up and playing it on repeat in my friends new car. It makes me think of adventures, and teenage angst, and the way we torture ourselves with decisions that feel so pivotal at the time. So, without further ado if you’re unfamiliar with Yamagata’s lovely voice, take a listen (this is a fan video from YouTube) from her Happenstance album:


3 thoughts on “Listen to This: “Be, Be My Love””

  1. I absolutely love this song! I became obsessed with Rachel after watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, and played this song on repeat for months on end. It’s so beautiful =)

    1. ahh, I love that movie (and the books of course!) Seriously it is such a beautiful song, and one that seems impossible to tire of! 🙂 we seem to have a lot of similar tastes!

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