Decisions, Decisions

TL Beckett, BL Linwood, R Huxley.

*Re-posting this entry from my other blog, The Life of Mugs.*

The Warby Parker at home try on frames came in on Monday night! I was so excited when I checked the tracking number, that I almost wanted to skip the gym to see them sooner. (Alas I did not, but I did try them on as soon as I got home.) I received five frames in the mail, the the Thatcher pair are absolutely comically large, and I am just not feeling the Colton frames. This week, I’ve been wearing a different pair throughout the day (work, errands, etc.) My coworkers are sort of oblivious to these sorts of things, so no one has noticed that I’ve been wearing a different pair of glasses everyday. (Although some did ask me – since when do you wear glasses? Umm, since second grade. Ha.) Anyway, that has been fun in itself because when else in my life can I do that? (Oh you know, unless later down the road I wind up famous like Lisa Loeb and can go all out with my eye wear!) I put up an album on Facebook of me sporting each set of frames, and the consensus so far seems between these three pair as well, (it may be a tie between Linwood and Beckett right now.) I am leaning  towards the Beckett frames because this go around I was looking for something more dramatic. Though, I’m wearing the Huxley today and they’re fun too. The Linwood are extremely similar to the frames I’ve worn in the past. If I was an everyday glasses kind of girl might make sense, but since these are for night/traveling/reading/random days I want them to be more fun and bold. Let me just say I’ve had a wonderful customer service experience with WP, so far! I placed the order on Thursday mid-day, expecting to receive them on maybe the following Thursday, and so I didn’t even bother to check the tracking until Monday after. Originally slated for Tuesday delivery, which surprised me, but then as an even bigger shock I saw they were out for delivery on Monday afternoon! How awesome. Ok ramble, ramble enough of my words – what do you think? Take my poll, I welcome your feedback!


PS: Are you wondering about that awesome red shirt I’m wearing? City Church Tallahassee will be hosting Easter at the Civic Center on Sunday April 8th at 11Am. If you’re in Tallahassee, come check it out! If you’re not? Watch live online or listen to the podcast! I’d love for you to join us.


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