Listen to This: “Come Around”

For some unknown reason, yesterday afternoon when I was doing my yoga/pilates session Rhett Miller’s song “Come Around” from his album The Instigator popped into my head. I can’t tell you the last time I listened to it, but from having it on repeat about ninety million times when I was thirteen I remember the lyrics clearly. “I’m dressed all in blue and I’m remembering you…” Miller’s music was featured on television shows like Scrubs and Joan of Arcadia. (Wikipedia.) You may have also heard of Miller from his band The Old 97s, as well. If you wanna check out The Instigator album, another one of my favorites from it is “Things That Disappear.” His voice always finds a way to strike the emotional chord within, and sometimes his lyrics leave me choked up. So tender and raw, the words he sings sound genuine as if he’s really connected to the feelings he’s crooning about.

For your viewing and listening pleasure check out the official music video below:

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