Watch/Listen to this NOW: Death Cab for Cutie LIVE!

Hey guys, short notice on this one as I got home from my small group earlier than normal, checked my e-mail and saw that Death Cab for Cutie’s concert tonight at the Chicago Theater is streaming LIVE on YouTube! Go check it out. They’re honestly one of the best bands I have seen live, EVER and I would honestly go any chance I got.

So much for going to sleep early, I’m not going to be able to turn this off. Seriously, quit reading my blog and go watch this show. Enjoy!

**NOTE: Unfortunately, this link is no longer active as the live showing has ended. I’ll update it if the Fuse channel puts up another video!**


11 thoughts on “Watch/Listen to this NOW: Death Cab for Cutie LIVE!”

    1. Of course! I typed it really quickly in hopes that maybe somebody would see it in time to still be able to catch the show. Were you able to? I’m hoping they’ll put the recording up with the encores as I really wanted to hear Transatlanticism (and I can’t believe that they would play with an orchestra and not include it!) I’m gonna go check out your posts, so I’ll continue this over there!

      1. I was able to catch the tail end of the showing, so thanks! It put me in a great mood for my upcoming visit to the Strathmore to hear them live (and with an orchestra too!! How cool is that going to be???)

      2. Umm most likely AMAZING!!! So awesome that you get to see them then. I am going to be in NYC next week when they will be playing but I didn’t plan far enough in advance and the shows are all sold out. I’m glad Fuse streamed it though because it was awesome. You’re going to have such a great time I’m sure!

    1. Ah darn! It’s no longer available since the live show has ended. If they put up a new link once the recording is all together I’ll update the post with that video! (I’m hoping so, we can see the rest of it and I missed the very beginning!)

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