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Watch This: Marley

Image from official site.

Saturday in Tallahassee was dreary and rainy. Record Store Day 2012 was sort of a bust for me, (they didn’t have any of the exclusive release records I was looking for,) so after skimming the crates for a bit my brother and I decided to watch the new Bob Marley documentary Marley. Unfortunately the film isn’t in any of the theaters around us, but my brother rented it online so we could stream it. (One of the coolest things about this release – it was simultaneously released in theaters, and for streaming through multiple on demand features, (you can see the list on the official website.) We’ve both been fans of Marley for about as long as I can remember. Exodus is definitely one of my favorite albums. (I’m having flashbacks to pool days as little kids with his music blasting from the stereo on the back porch.) It was cool to see new footage, amazing photos, and the interviews with so many people in his life. The documentary begins showing Jamaica where Bob was born, and then later shows Kingston where he moved to as a teenager. The film takes a closer look at Marley’s life as a Rastafarian, as well as his relationships including interviews with several people close to him such as his wife Rita, one of his son Ziggy, a daughter Cedella, girlfriend Cindy, along with several friends, members of his band etc. To be perfectly honest we both thought (and his roommate Matt watched most of it with us as well,) that the beginning was pretty slow but after it picked up it was really interesting. I felt like I learned a lot (I never knew he lived in Deleware! or that he lived in Germany while doctors tried to treat his cancer,) and of course the music was awesome. One of my favorite parts was hearing about how once he’d gotten famous people would flood Hope Road and Bob would hand out money and things to people for help, he really tried to help give them a chance. Another part that really struck me was when he was performing a concert in Zimbabwe. The ceremony was to celebrate their independence, and the people wanted to be a part of it. They ended up breaking in from the locked gates and were tear gassed inside. People started fleeing, but Bob was so caught up in the moment, just singing and dancing and moving and just completely focused, his eyes closed – he didn’t even realize what was happening! (Of course – no question, the music was amazing as well but I feel like that goes without saying!) It was an emotional film as much as it was educating and inspiring. I shed some tears, and was really moved. I mean, it’s been a few days since I’ve seen it, and it’s still heavy on my mind. This is not your typical documentary, and if you’re even the teeniest bit interested I highly recommend you check it out!

One of my favorite photos of Bob from the official website for the film:

Check out an official trailer here:

2 thoughts on “Watch This: Marley”

  1. It’s crazy my friends were just talking about this film today at practice! I’m definitely going to watch it! Love Bob Marley! If you haven’t heard the Nas and Damien Marley album it’s worth a listen too. It was much the same here in Buffalo on record day (dreary/rainy) but I did pick up the Esparanza Spalding Album that day, which is another great album too!

  2. ohh yeah, I should definitely check out the Damien/Nas album – I haven’t listened to either of them in a while! Hopefully you get to watch the documentary soon, I think you’ll love it! The weather in Florida is always crazy, either melting hot or thundering and storming or both in the span of a half an hour. Hope you have a great Wednesday! 🙂

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