Listen to This: “Paper Boat”

No such thing as too much music, so even though I just shared a song yesterday – it’s already time for another because I’m too impatient to hold this one back. Paper Boat by Gossling. Pure awesome. Happy Friday everyone! And no matter how the rest of the day goes the beginning was good at least since this is the first song I heard on the radio this morning (thank you WFSU!) I loved reading the about section on their website and learning that this music collaboration occurred after Helen Croome put her Psychology/Sociology studies on hold to purse her Bachelor’s in Music. Well, thank goodness for that because we’re gifted with these wonderful pieces of art. (Also, I’m not surprised that the first single from the EP, “Wild Love” was co-written with Dann Hume (because hello: I also love Lisa Mitchell who he’s worked with!) Yes, yes all around.

The lyrics are just…lovely (especially this part):

If my boat won’t float I’ll make you a paper crane,
I think it means good luck in Japan,
But if it flew it would probably crash land.
I’m no good with origami, but I’m good at loving you.
I’ll write you a little French poem,
Ring all your friends, cause you’ll want to show em’
I’ll make sure it’s grammatically correct,
And I’ll narrate in your head with my French accent…

You can listen below through this lovely SoundCloud feature:


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