Listen to This: Alive

Hey everybody, Happy Friday! You know, I was thinking it’s been a bit since I’ve shared any new tunes with you. One Sunday after church recently, (they always have playlists going in the background) I heard a song and I was like “I know, I recognize this one” but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As soon as I Shazamed it, I realized I do it every time I hear it! (Obviously, I like it and you’d think I’d recognize it by now.) A friend of ours had this album playing the last several times we’d been over to their house, and every time I’d get hooked on their sweet sound! All Sons and Daughters released Brokenness Aside last summer, and in March of this year they put out the full length album Season One. The duo, David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, formed in 2010 out of Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee. I’ll confess I’ve listened to this album on repeat many a time. “Alive” is one of my favorites.

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