Listen to This: The Guy that Says Goodbye to You

Okay, okay I know two days in a row? But my friend Kathryn posted about this song on her Facebook status the other day, and I thought to myself “Man, I haven’t listened to Griffin House in a while!” So, I did just that yesterday afternoon. Actually, I found out about this song “The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind” way back in high school when it was popular for everyone to put a song on their MySpace profile pages. (Those were the days right?) One of my friends had this one on his, and I’d visit his page several times a day just to listen! It’s a sweet song, and it’s really catchy – one I can easily have stuck in my head all day and not mind at all. Griffin House is quite a talent, who’d have thought he didn’t start playing and writing until he was 18?! So, if you’re not familiar with this tune definitely check it out! Give this little Saturday morning throwback a listen:

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