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Listen to This: First Aid Kit

So, I can’t remember exactly where I first heard about First Aid Kit – it was kind of a simultaneous combination of Naomi mentioning on The Rockstar Diaries, Shazaaming them on v89, and them popping up on Pandora. Silly me, I could have discovered their awesomeness sooner had I gone to see them open for Bright Eyes about a year ago at The Moon, (unfortunately I didn’t do that.) This is one of those bands, I’d say better late than never. Two sisters, (Johanna & Klara Söderberg) from Stockholm Sweden have this great folky acoustic sound that I fell in love with immediately. They’re About section on Facebook says: It’s one life and it’s this life and it’s beautiful. How can you not love that?! One of my favorite songs of theirs is Emmylou, from the album The Lion’s Roar which was just released this past January.

Check out their YouTube video of Emmylou:


“I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June
If you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too
No, I’m not asking much of you
Just sing little darling, sing with me”

Like what you’re hearing? If you’re interested NPR featured them on one of their Tiny Desk Concerts!


4 thoughts on “Listen to This: First Aid Kit”

    1. Right?! They’re so…sweet! And I can’t take all the credit, the college radio station at FSU has introduced me to some pretty cool bands.

  1. Great band! I first heard them because a friend of mine saw their cover of Fleet Foxes “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” on youtube, and told me to check it out. Once I did, I was hooked. I agree that Emmylou is amazing! Here’s the link to the cover if you would like to check it out as well:

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