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Read This: Chopsticks

While I am still in the midst of reading The Probability of Miracles (it’s been my bathtub go-to read, lately) I also read this amazing book Chopsticks over the weekend. I stopped by the library on Friday after work to return a few books, and I browsed the YA Fiction section (because it’s basically impossible for me not to make a visit and check it out!) I was so shocked to see this on the display table. There was a lot of buzz surrounding this book when it was first released back in February (published by Penguin) because it really is a unique piece of art. I planned to order it online, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I don’t know that there’s been anything else quite like it. First of all, it’s just visually stunning. Second of all, it’s amazing how touching a story of so few words can be. Thirdly (?) there’s a iPhone app you can download for $6.99 that goes with the book! (I haven’t downloaded it, so I can’t tell you much about it but I still think that’s exciting. Plus I saw plenty of people tweet about it before.) Okay so you know all these cool facts about the book, but you’re probably still curious about the basic plot line right? Glory is a famous teenage pianist, her father is her instructor, and she has a really rigorous schedule of practice and performing. Frank moves in next door, and soon the two talented teens have a blossoming romance. Glory’s father doesn’t approve because it’s a distraction from Glory’s career. Now Glory has gone missing! Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral take readers on an emotional journey with these two characters. When I attempted to describe it to my roommate I told her it was kind of like looking over a scrapbook. There are gorgeous photos, brilliant playlists, and instant messaging conversations that include links to Youtube videos. I tried to move through the pages really slowly as not to miss any details of the photographs and news clippings. I felt like I do when I’m standing in an art museum (I could stay in one room staring at pieces for hours.) If you haven’t checked out this awesome book yet, I strongly suggest you do! Have you already read it, and wanna chat? Leave a comment! Also, fun link: Chopsticks has its own Tumblr!

One more thing, you can take a look for yourself at what I’m talking about in this video:


2 thoughts on “Read This: Chopsticks”

  1. I keep wavering on whether or not to read this book but I think I’m going to do it. The cover is the first thing I noticed (SO PRETTY) but I like how unique it is inside as well.

    1. Definitely check it out! I think the cover is gorgeous, too. I read in the back of the book that Corral had also designed the Olsen’s Influence cover, (which I’m partial to as well.) Hopefully you like it if you decide to read it! Either way it won’t take too long 🙂

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