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Watch This: Dawson’s Creek

Ok guys, today’s “Watch This” post features nothing new, but rather a terrific throwback. Dawson’s Creek “The Complete Series” is now available for instant streaming on Netflix (or you can watch the pilot for $1.99.) While I own a few of the seasons on DVD (incomplete collection, sigh.) I couldn’t help but get excited over the easy access to so many hours of this wonderful show. I remember sitting in the pediatrician’s office when I was younger, and Dawson’s Creek was splashed across the pages of a magazine article, detailing some ridiculous controversy over whether the show was too racy or something (that can probably be laughed at now, huh?) I remember thinking uh-oh, am I not supposed to watch this? So on Wednesday nights (I’m almost positive that’s when The WB used to air it, and my oh my was I a WB addict,) I’d shut my door and hunker down and absorb this hour-long drama of a tight-knit group of teens living in Capeside, Massachusetts navigating life – dealing with everything from first love, affairs, divorced parents, coming out, mental disorders, friendships (really just about everything, I’m not sure there was much they didn’t cover on this show…and while yes it was/is dramatic, it’s presented in such an endearing way it was impossible for me not to be instantly addicted!) At one time or another basically everyone in my family ending up watching this show. One of my best friends and neighbor, and I would have marathons as well. It was nice in the old days when TBS would play back to back episodes in the summer, what a great lazy way to spend the mornings – eating pancakes or waffles and watching DC?! (Oh, those were the days.) So, turns out my roommate had never watched Dawson’s Creek before, so I decided to put on a few episodes the past few nights while I was baking (skinny puppy chow, and homemade chocolate squares!) She wasn’t home when I first put it on, and I’d started with season two since I basically know season one by heart. Though it’s kind of cheesy, this is still such a great show. At the risk of sounding like an old crazy person – they just don’t make ’em like they used to (Roswell, Veronica Mars, The OC etc.) And THE MUSIC! I was that silly girl who put lyrics and quotes in my AIM profile all the time, that I’d heard on Dawson’s. Not even kidding. I just have to add that if you never watched it on TV because of music rights and all that jazz, some of it’s different – like the opening credits. Just imagine Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” instead. This show made me want to do so many things – be an artist, go sailing, take off for the summer (this kind of is reminding me of Seth Cohen now,) be a waitress at a cool dockside restaurant etc. Also, the scenery is just GORGEOUS. It was actually filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. I still need to make a road trip there sometime (another hypothetical bucket list item, for sure.) The whole series follows the gang through high school and onto their college, “real world” lives. It’s definitely a whirlwind of emotions, not to give anything away but I can remember needing a box of tissues for several episodes. Also, I didn’t even mention yet that it’s a great chance to see some now super popular actors, earlier in their careers (Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, Busy Phillips etc.) If you’re a fan of other WB shows then you’ll probably recognize some of the guest stars (Chad Michael Murray, Jason Behr, Scott Foley…) Anyway, if you haven’t checked out this awesome series, and you’re not too tainted by the endless jokes about their highfalutin vocabulary, ridiculous outfits, and melodrama – give it a chance!


6 thoughts on “Watch This: Dawson’s Creek”

  1. I am just so excited about this post. Dawson’s Creek is my second favorite show from the 90’s. So glad you discovered its magic.

    1. It’s a classic 🙂 My teenage years would probably have been different having not watched it, or at least my ideas haha. Netflix allows me to indulge my ridiculous affinity for dramatic tv show marathons. What was your number one fave from the 90s?

      1. Love it. You’re going to laugh, but I was a HUGE “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan. Definitely my number 1.

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