Listen to This: “Banana Pancakes”

Alright, I’m aware I’m probably not sharing anything you haven’t heard before this time, but as I’m a blogger from Florida (Tallahassee, to be more specific) we’ve seen nothing but rain for days and days. This is due to tropical storm Debby if you’ve missed that in the news. Luckily my roommmate and I have power (unlike last Thursday when it was gone for hours,) and I’m at work because the roads haven’t flooded here yet. Is it just me or is the dismal gray sky and the constant pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof terribly unmotivating? All I want to do is put on sweatpants, crawl under a blanket and read for days. Maybe take some naps. Just until the sun decides to peek out again, (which might not actually be until the weekend.) I’m an old Jack Johnson fan. I don’t put him on heavy rotation as much as I used to but I still completely love his sound. Rainy days like these always makes “Banana Pancakes” (off of the awesome album In Between Dreams) pop into my head almost instantly. So, that’s what I’m sharing with you today 🙂 this lovely little beat – so if you’re feeling the rainy days but you have to take part in the normal routine of life anyways blues maybe this will help you perk up a little bit! Hey, my Tuesday started with the cat throwing up all over my bathroom, so we all gotta look for some little rays of sunshine.

If you’re not familiar with this tune check out an official live version here:



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