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Read This: Seriously…I’m Kidding

I read Ellen’s latest book, Seriously…I’m Kidding a few weekends back, (the rainy one I spent at the beach!) I actually read it right after I finished Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? First of all, I love Ellen. She makes me laugh out loud with her gregarious sense of humor, and her heart just seems so big, and the way she extends kindness to strangers on her show all the time makes me smile. She’s on my “people I want to hang out with” list (that I’m constantly adding to,) and I’d love her to teach me some of her signature dance moves. Plus, her style is awesome – she can rock a blazer, skinny jeans, and tennies like no other (and not to mention she’s just effortlessly beautiful!) And she has a cool gorgeous wife (Portia,) too! See – all around fabulous. SO! I was extremely excited when I went to check out other books from the library, and they plopped that one on the counter. I didn’t even know it was my turn in the hold line, yet! Anyway, Ellen’s book is a different kind of funny than Mindy’s, it’s a light-hearted read and I’m sure you’ll breeze right through the chapters. Like always when Ellen’s involved I was giggling. If you’re looking for a good summer read, that’s not too heavy or emotional, and you want your funny bone tickled – definitely check this out!


7 thoughts on “Read This: Seriously…I’m Kidding”

  1. I love Ellen! I’ll have to check this out sometime, and Mindy’s book as well. So many good humorous memoirs are out now and this one sounds too good to pass up!

    1. Ohh yes, definitely do! I know I’m usually a big YA Fiction bookworm, but lately I can’t get enough of memoirs! There are several really great ones out right now. If you come across some others you think I’ll enjoy, feel free to share!

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