Listen to This: “Summer Skin”

I know, I know two days of music suggestions in a row?! But in my defense, this song was stuck hard in my head this morning and I couldn’t resist sharing. Having enjoyed one of the staple days of summer this week, with fourth of July celebrations – it just seems so fitting. Plus, this is one of the pros of technology. I was driving to work, and my iPod was in my trunk, so at a red light (which lasted probably six minutes,) I was able to pull up this sweet tune on YouTube from my phone, and listen to it on repeat until I got to work.

I just love basically everything about it. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’re already aware of my love for Death Cab and Plans (which “Summer Skin” is on) is one of my favorite albums of theirs. By the way, I just checked and if Plans isn’t in your library you should definitely add it for the awesome price of $5.00! Don’t you love when that happens?!

The lyrics just perfectly embody everything that is the carefree life of summer months. Actually, a lot of their songs are like that for me. I had visions of seeing them in concert last October at the House of Blues in Orlando. Really, I’d love to just hop in the car and drive to see them, somewhere, anywhere this weekend. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but in the meantime you can enjoy along with me:



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