Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “21 and Invincible”

If you read my other, more personal blog The Life of Mugs then you probably noticed that yesterday was my little brother’s twenty-first birthday! Consequently, a great throwback song has been stuck in my head for a few days now. Back when I first started posting in this blog about a year ago, I had a post on my adoration of Andrew McMahon and his two bands Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin when Jack’s released “My Racing Thoughts.”

“21 and Invincible” is a throwback from SoCo’s album, North. If you’re not familiar with Something Corporate or Jack’s Mannequin, you should totally check them out. They’re one of those bands that I learned about in middle school and have stuck with me through the years. I might not relate to the lyrics the same way I did at say fourteen through seventeen, but there’s still a definite connection.

Here’s a live version I found on YouTube:

*Warning there might be a choice four letter word in there, so just letting you in case you take offense.*


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “21 and Invincible””

  1. Thanks for checking out my post, and I’m glad it brought back those memories! For me too πŸ™‚ I feel like the first time I heard Hurricane and Konstantine live was such an…experience.

  2. Something Corporate… I loved them! So many summertime memories. I’m beginning to think we may be the same person in regards to musical taste πŸ™‚

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