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Happy Friday, Watch This: “Call Me Maybe” Olympic Swimming version!

(Found on Sloane Ranger’s Facebook)

Good morning everyone, and a very Happy Friday to you all! I wish I could express to you through the screen the high level of my ecstatic excitement this morning. Maybe it’s the coffee? Maybe it’s the three mile run before the sun came up? Maybe it’s that in six hours I’ll be hitting the road to visit some awesome people? Maybe it’s the live from London Olympic coverage on the Today show this morning?! (Okay, yeah, I was a little late for work this morning. Totally, totally worth it.) Meredith and Matt on TV together again! Al Roker interviewing David Beckham! yessss.

Yeah! If you don’t know me in real life than you might not know about my ridiculously obsessive personality. The Olympics are my favorite time of every two to four years. I prefer summer, but they’re both amazing. I was reminiscing over where I was during the past Olympics on my run this morning. In 2010 I was living in the Phi Mu annex. We would watch everything. We just left the TV on all day and would catch what we could between classes, glued to the screen even for random sports we probably would not watch any other days of the year. In 2008 I was in the main house. It was recruitment time, and in the late hours of the night I’d camp out on Jacki’s floor, and we would freak out over gymnastics.

Now, they’re here again! I’ll admit, in my head I convinced myself a million years ago that I wouldn’t have to worry about the different time zones of America and England because duh! I’d be there. Haha, not quite but I’ll just say that the crazy side of my brain thinks there’s some sort of logical reasoning to watch gymnastics at 4am our time. (How am I going to sleep next week?)

So, with all that being said and the opening ceremonies airing tonight, let me share with you this lovely little gem that’s surfaced on the magic waves of the internet:

This is pure gold, guys and if it doesn’t make you smile today – I’m not sure what will! Watch and love!


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