Throwback Thursday: “My Friend’s Over You”

Thanks to the Jack’s Mannequin station on Pandora, I had the pleasure of jamming out to this throwback tune earlier this week. It immediately takes me back to freshman year of high school. One great scene comes to mind, standing in our old cafeteria with my friend Beth, the auditorium had dark brick walls and orange and yellow booths lining the back. We were hanging out at the homecoming dance and this song just started blaring. Everyone started screaming along and jumping around. So what if we were only fourteen and didn’t really have any true anecdotal evidence to back up our sing-alongs?

If you’re looking for a little pop-punk flashback, here’s your song of the day. “My Friend’s Over You” by New Found Glory from Sticks and Stones. Not familiar? Give it a listen! Check out this official video from 2002 (since when is that ten years ago?! Yikes!)


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