One Lovely Blog Award

So, as per usual (at least this week because The Today Show is a major distraction…) I was a little late to work, but when I logged into the computer when I got here I saw a pleasant surprise! Briana at Practically Perfect and Completely Delusional has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. How sweet is that?! Even though she’s a gator, and a rival to my alma mater – you should check out her blog. I love her mix of personal posts with music, and style trends – it’s always a great read.

So, now for the rules of this lovely little nomination:

  • Link back to the blogger that nominated you
  • Paste the award image anywhere on your blog
  • Tell us 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers you like for the award!
  • Post a comment on your nominees’ blogs telling them of their nomination!

(I was going to include my nerd fighter love, or my Olympics obsession but I’ve already listed those in previous award nomination posts here and here.) So here are some fresh fun facts:

  1. It seems to have worn off a little now, but for years and years whenever I met new people they were convinced I was from Minnesota or Wisconsin because of a slight accent. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, and both my parents have a bit of Southern drawl in their words, so who knows where it came from.
  2. I could have my own library with the number of books I own, (made more evident during my parent’s packing to move from my childhood home.) So many books. I really do want my own library some day though, even if I’m the weird old lady who loans out her books to everyone in the neighborhood.
  3. Preferably that library would be in my flat in England because I am putting it in on my bucket list. I will live in England one day, for some amount of time, and good luck getting me back on that plane…
  4. For the first time in my life, I am obsessed with running. If you’d told me this would happen a year ago, I probably wouldn’t believe you, but I am so happy that it’s true. This is the healthiest I’ve felt in my entire life, and the best, least destructive outlet I’ve found for my frustrations.
  5. I have always wanted a bicycle with a banana seat. I don’t really want to shell out the $ for a Schwinn, but someday…
  6. I have an obsession with the idea of teleportation devices. It’s 2012, how have we not created this yet? Come on brilliant people – get it together 😉
  7. Collarbones are basically my favorite body part.

So, there you have it – pretty sure those are new and weird but whatever.

And now for the nominees, once again I’m going to try and not have repeats on this list because I want them to be new to you all!:

  1. Of Corgis and Cocktails Katherine has been my pen-pal since our junior years in high school. She has impeccable style, splendid taste in music (and cider,) adorable pets, awesome photo skills, not to mention she shares great meal ideas. We’ve followed each other on all different mediums of social media over the years, and I definitely recommend her blog!
  2. Frequency Manifesto if you like my music recommendations, I strongly encourage you to go check out this blog. (Plus, the tag line contains one of my favorite vocabulary words from AP English “plethora!”)
  3. Thought Catalog is one of my favorite websites, but then when I realized it’s linked up with WordPress and all the fabulous articles pop up in my reader? Amazing! If you’re a wandering twenty-something (or not,) I feel like these are some of the most relatable pieces on the internet. Period.
  4. Love Library because Melanie is one of the coolest librarians ever, and she’s always up to swap thoughts on recent reads. Check out her posts, they’re full of variety (like her most recent post on books to give as wedding gifts!)
  5. Cult Fit I’ve been following this blog for a while, and the athletic posts are always motivating to see but I especially enjoy the Olympic related videos they’ve been posting lately. Go look!
  6. This That and Whatever Else I Can Think Of because I’m a fan of friendly bloggers, and he’s good at commenting. It’s a reminder that someone out there is reading your posts. As for his blog? He has some amazing photos, and since he travels a lot the posts are really versatile.
  7. Bucket List Publications in one word, Lesley Carter is: awesome. These two sentences are a perfect example of what goes into her blog that makes it so cool: “My wedding day in Jamaica even included a little bit of rock climbing followed by a trapeze act in my gown. I’ve been to 33 countries and I have no intentions of stopping there.”
  8. Your Style Journey I just love the amount of femininity that shows up on my reader from following Journey. There’s a great amount of fashion, hair tips, trends, celebrities – it’s an all around girly fun blog!
  9. Wine Down my Phi Mu sister Jacki has a great blog full of photos documenting her adventures. She’s a teacher, so there are great anecdotes of fun classroom experiences, plus she lives in Jacksonville so she has cool beach pictures and fun St.Augustine related photos a lot too. She’s crafty and actually does things she pins on Pinterest, which is always cool. Go read it!
  10. A March Wedding Anna is another Phi Mu sister. She lives in South Carolina, so the scenery from her photography is awesome too. (Not to mention her fun European travel photos, as well!) Be prepared for some sweet posts including, style, cats, and food! (Who doesn’t love that?)
  11. Broken Penguins Go read Farah’s about page to find out the story behind her blog name. The greatness of this one is simple – books and beautiful images. Need I say more?
  12. Grant Macintyre Photography because who doesn’t love to see gorgeous wedding photos?
  13. With Muchness Jaime is another Phi Mu sister of mine I met at FSU (and she’s Lizzi who I mention now and then,’s big sister!) She’s always been awesome in general, but her blog is pretty cool too. She’s living in NYC, she’s a dancer. She blogs about books and fun things she’s doing and all sorts of life stuff. You know, I’m a big fan of personal blogs so this is one of my faves.
  14. Sarah Dessen Sarah is one of the first YA authors I followed on Twitter, and it always amazes me the peak she gives us into her life. (Like Maureen Johnson, and John Green!) Her Friday Five posts are always fun to read. Go check it out!
  15. Jenny Han’s Tumblr ok, as you might know I have an obsession with Han’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty” trilogy and her Tumblr is pretty freakin’ sweet. Sometimes there are posts from her intern Riley, which are awesome too. The pictures are pretty, there are touching anecdotes now and then. Blurbs of adventures with Siobahn Vivian. Just plenty of chic-coolness. Go read it and you’ll know what I mean!

(Also, don’t hate because these aren’t all from WordPress, it was a stretch ok? Ok!)

Happy Friday y’all! Share some new blogs with me if you want, and have fun checking these out!


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