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Watch This: Olympics Commercial Edition

Good morning everyone! Watching the Nike “Find Your Greatness” commercials this weekend, reminded me of what struck my interest in advertising in the beginning. That small clip that tugs on your heart strings is what’s the most exciting to me, (or the kind that can make you laugh out loud.) Not cartoons using toilet paper and reality tv stars who won’t go away.

Anyway, it made me think of the 2002 Winter Olympic commercial that was my favorite then. I stopped whatever I was doing every time it came on. It’s so simple, and you know what it’s advertising (Coca Cola,) but I just loved the sweetness.

*I can’t get the video embedded into this entry, but you can view it on AdLand here.*

When I started typing this post I had the urge to link up with about a dozen commercial videos on YouTube. The Visa commercials, and the P&G Mom ones, all of them…so, so good. BUT I started off rambling about Nike, so I’ll stay the course for the time being.

I just love this ad. I think it’s a really encouraging reminder that we all have to start somewhere. Yeah, some people are born with some pretty wild innate abilities, but regardless we all have to work hard to get where we want to be…

And, this little boy just makes my heart smile:


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