Listen to This: Olympic Songs Edition

Hey guys, look at that we’re halfway through the work week! (This is probably me trying to be more encouraging to myself than to you – hopefully you don’t need it as badly, but if you do ;)) If you read yesterday’s post  you got to see a little spotlight on some commercials that have aired during the Olympics. Today I have some music to share with you!

Once again this is a throwback from the 2002 Winter Olympics, (apparently I favorited a lot of entertainment related stuff that year.) I was already familiar with the pop-punk group American Hi-Fi at the time, (“Flavor of The Weak” anyone?) but then their song “Another Perfect Day” played constantly! Oh my goodness, I was in love. Both songs were featured on their self-titled album released in 2001. Do you remember hearing this as images of Shaun White soaring through the air flashed across your TV screen?


So, where’s this flash back leading to? This year’s continuously played song that I don’t mind having stuck in my head at all either! Phillip Phillips “Home.” You might recognize Phillips as a winner on American Idol. I don’t normally keep up with the show, but the first time I heard him sing on there, I was like oh my! I hope he comes out with an album ASAP. This single was released immediately, and oh how wonderful it is. Umm, how awesome is it that the MP3 is literally a QUARTER! Sweet deal, guys! The song is featured in most of the coverage of the USA women’s gymnastics montages, and it flows beautifully with the images. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can check out the official video here:

Also, typing up this entry just reminds me how drastically technology has changed over the past ten years. Now we have so many different ways to identify a song within the first few seconds of hearing it play. Back then, it’d be a grueling internet search, after writing down lyrics as quickly as possible to scour pages of the internet for its match. Then once you found what album it belonged on it was another long search to be able to purchase it. Funny how things change huh? Do you guys have songs Olympic coverage sparked an interest in for you? Did these bring back any certain memories over the years? Feel free to share in the comments – I love to hear your stories! And as always, happy listening!


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