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Throwback Thursday: Spice Girls Edition!

Good morning everyone, and happy Thursday! Sorry for my lack of posts this week, I’m pretty sure it’s from the on-set of Olympic withdrawals. I would trade sleep for a little more televised coverage to plan my day around. Also, how is anything going to top them being held in the greatest on this planet? Anyway, with the Olympic spirit lingering on a little bit I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have one more post correlate to Throwback Thursday! So, today I bring you: the Spice Girls. Posh, Sporty, Baby, Ginger, and Scary.

The Spice Girls group formed in 1994, and their first album Spice was released in 1996. I was nine. These songs were our jams, and there were probably kids on playgrounds everywhere kids also making up their own choreography to these catchy hits. Sure we didn’t know what they were talking about half the time, but that didn’t stop us from belting out the songs. Plus, hello! GIRL POWER!


Then, in 1997 we got Spice World. More great hits came from this album, and with it a world tour and Spice World the movie! (Remember that?) There was so much themed merchandise releated to this girl group and the movie back then. Who didn’t want to dress up as a Spice Girl? And of course girls fought over who would get to pretend to be their favorite member. Everyone knows there can’t be two Baby Spices.

Unfortunately, by the time they made the album Foreverthe group was down to four members. Gerri Halliwell (better known as Ginger Spice,) had left the group.



The Spice Girls produced enough chart topping songs that they even have a Greatest Hits album.

My main memories of the Spice Girls come from the first two albums, when they’re the original five member group singing about staying friends forever, ya know? A few years after their departure, (which never really technically got labeled a “break up” as much as a “time to work on solo careers” (hey! kinda like SoCo…) there was a reunion.  Now by the end of the year Spice Girls the Musical Viva: Forever will open on London’s West End Theatre. All this brings me to now, where this past Sunday the Spice Girls were together again performing for the Olympics: London 2012’s Closing Ceremonies! If you missed it, check out this video:

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