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Read This: Being Friends with Boys

Alright guys, I know I have had a bit of overload on the “Listen to This” posts lately, and have slacked in the “Read This” department. Confession: I’ve been in a bit of a slump in the reading category. I’ve trudged through Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler, and I’ve renewed it multiple times from the library. I really loved her previous novel, Twenty Boy Summer, so I expected to have a similar immediate fascination with this one (hello! there are delicious cupcake descriptions at the beginning of each chapter!) Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve just had a bit of reading ADD all together, as I started Melissa Walker’s Unbreak My Heart this week too, and I have just been SO SLOW. My brain has been pre-occupied with the Olympics lately, and in my spare time I haven’t really felt like sitting still…at all.

I really don’t want this to give any reader’s a negative impression of either story, I love both authors and I’m sure the novels are wonderful, I just couldn’t get my head in the game for them now. BUT! The good thing is before I hit that slump, I finally read Terra Elan McVoy’s Being Friends with Boys (which if you remember, was on my summer TBR list.) As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve loved McVoy’s earlier novels, am delighted to own a signed copy of Pure, and it thrills me to know she once lived and went to school in Tallahassee!

Last summer when I read The Summer of Firsts and LastsI felt it had the perfect mix of teen angst, uncertainty, and finding yourself as a young girl. McVoy hit the nail of the bond of sisterhood and friendship right on the head. I wanted to go to summer camp, or at least be a camp counselor (yeah, that’s a recurring desired job over the years.) With Being Friends I reflected a lot on past friendships of my own with boys. Just like in this charming story, those situations can get messy and tangled, but you can also find some pretty amazing lifelong buddies. I loved the main character Charlotte. She made me want to be an awesome punk rock band girl who had a voice to go with the lyrics she creates. (Not that I haven’t secretly imagined that since I was about thirteen and my obsession with Something Corporate began, and I just wanted to be a “Punk Rock Princess.” I never did find my “Garage Band King”…) Reading this book reminded me so much of how quickly things change in a school day or over a weekend. Our hearts on our sleeves, feelings constantly getting hurt, freezing out each other. How soaring an awesome weekend can make you feel. All the millions of words we want to say or right down, but what we end up saying coming out completely different. McVoy captures all of it here. Also, I’m a big fan of when authors tie-in locations to their work, and McVoy writes about Atlanta and her current neighborhood here in the setting, which is pretty sweet and makes me want to go for a visit!

Here in North Florida, it’s the first day of school for a lot of kids, and I feel like this is a pretty great book to start your year off with. I definitely recommend checking it out! Have you read it yet? Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment and we can chat about it!


7 thoughts on “Read This: Being Friends with Boys”

    1. Katherineee! Are you making more trips to Florida?! (I better see you on one of these sometime!) If you end up getting it for your Kindle, I hope you enjoy it!

  1. I always find it tricky when I can’t get into a book by an author I enjoy. Glad you found a strong book to read and gear yourself up to dive back in.

    1. Oh my goodness, thank YOU for writing such wonderful stories (and amazing characters) that I love to share with people! I’m looking forward to reading Criminal! 🙂

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