Listen to This: “Warwick Avenue”

Happy Friday, everyone! “Warwick Avenue” by Duffy was definitely my song of choice to jam out to on my morning commute, today. Also, since I’m a slacker and missed it yesterday and this isn’t a new hit, then perhaps you can consider this tune a belated Throwback Thursday.

I was first introduced to Duffy in 2008. I also remember seeing copious amounts of praising tweets towards her music by one of my favorite professors (ever) during our study abroad time. She’s this talented, beautiful singer-songwriter from Wales. She’s only 28! (It’s always so intriguing to me to see what different people have accomplished in about the same lifespan as me. It blows me away!) She has incredible vocals with a kind of bluesy feel. I just love her!

In some ways this song reminds me of the emotion I can connect with when I hear “Be, Be My Love” (I blogged about here,) but Duffy has her own style and sound separate from Yamagata. Every once in a while “Warwick Avenue” is a good melody to shed a few tears (kind of like the tear provoking powers of Adele’s “Someone Like You,”) but in other times I don’t get there at all and it’s just quite a simply lovely song.

If you’re not familiar with this track from Duffy’s album, Rockferry you should definitely check it out! Here is the official video for “Warwick Avenue”:


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