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Watch This: “The Sandlot”

A few nights ago, after dinner I was hanging out in the living room with the TV on. I still had it on ABC Family (from when I was watching the summer finale of Pretty Little Liarsand guess what happened to come on?! THE SANDLOT. Only one of the most epic movies OF ALL TIME!

It doesn’t matter at all that I own this on VHS and DVD and could watch it anytime I want. (Within reason of course, liiike my work probably wouldn’t be excited if I brought it and played it on the desktop computer, but anyways…) You don’t change the channel when Sandlot is on. Apparently the number of people who clicked like on the Facebook status I posted declaring this, have similar feelings. I texted my brother and let him know too, and he was watching it with his roommate. They hadn’t seen it in forever, while I on the other hand watch it at least (probably more) once a year, so all the details were clear to me.

I remember going to a camp in middle school, and one at activity time one of counselors asked the dinner table what our favorite movies were. He just could not get over the fact that Sandlot would be my favorite. He was all “yeah, it’s good and everything but it’s so old school! Good enough to be a FAVORITE?! I don’t know about that…”

Well, if you haven’t seen The Sandlot yet, somehow someway over the years (and I know it’s happened as somebody was just saying they were introducing their fiancé to the classic) you need to have it on your to do list before Labor Day weekend is complete. It just wraps up the summer so nicely. Don’t worry, it’s so much more than “just a baseball movie.” It’s funny, it’s quotable, the music is great, the style is awesome, the Beast reminds me of my dog Duke:

There are so many scenes I want to quote right now, and clips to include (for-ev-er!; s’more? Wendy Peffercorn, The Great Bambino, the fourth of July, you’re killin’ me Smalls!, didn’t everyone have a crush on Benny?) but in case this movie hasn’t earned it’s spot in your heart yet, I’ll leave you with this instead:

(Hey, give them a break it was 1993 and most people on YouTube filmed the trailer off their TVs!)

PS: For some extra Sandlot fun, check out this article on the cast to find out where are they now?


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