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Tina Tuesday, Read This: Bossypants

Happy Tuesday everyone! (I always like them a little because you’ve made it through the first hiccup of the week, which for me included a work phone call with a lovely stranger who after an out of control rant, ended with “you’re disgusting” and hung up.) That’s besides the point though because today is a new day and we’ll make it a little Tina Fey, Tuesday. I finished reading Bossypants yesterday. I’ll tell you, like other somewhat humorous memoirs I’ve read lately this one had me chuckle a loud at different points. Amazon included the book in its “Best Books of 2011” list (I know, I’m behind the times as I’m reading it with only a few months left in 2012!)

If I’m perfectly honest, this wasn’t my favorite. (This one has been in the same category as Ellen and Mindy’s books on some lists, and I’m still partial to Mindy’s, but I can’t decide if it’s fair for me to admit such things.) BUT I have to say: it’s a good read, it’s quick and Fey brings up insightful points on… well, I would say gender inequality in the work place, but more so the fact that gender is even brought up at all.

I did enjoy getting a peek into Tina Fey’s life before SNL and reading about her childhood in Pennsylvania, and anecdotes about her family. Like her scar. I wasn’t aware of it until she described how it happened, and I flipped the book over and saw a school photo of her on the back jacket. Or learning about Tina’s dad, who sounds awesome but also like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with! Her high school life with local theater, and her early days with Chicago improv were definitely entertaining. I also enjoyed her sharing about the holiday road trips to visit her husband’s family. Her appreciation for her colleagues shines through her words with praise of Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels etc. Fey definitely loves her job, and loves the people she works with and sounds so supportive and encouraging of those around her. (Definitely the opposite of being a snob and putting yourself on a pedestal.)

If you haven’t read it yet, I say it’s worth checking out. Did you read it already? What were your thoughts? Feel free to share with me in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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