*I Repeat* Listen to This: Jack’s Mannequin

Do you hear that noise? Yeah, it’s the sound of my heart breaking off into a bunch of pieces after I read my e-mail this morning. I was all excited to have a message from Andrew McMahon with the subject line “dear friends dear jack,” but the news wasn’t the happy kind. (Ok, ok perhaps a bit dramatic because we have received worse news from him before and luckily this time it’s not about anyone being in ill health or a tragedy,) but unfortunately Jack’s Mannequin will be performing their last show together in November (the annual Dear Jack benefit concert in LA!)

It’s a sad day, but most McMahon fans have been here before. Remember when Something Corporate decided to go their separate ways? And look what happened after that…we got Jack’s! (And William Tell started some sweet solo stuff before he went to law school.) So who knows what will happen, I would imagine that such talented musicians would continue to make music. We’ll see. Yeah, I was one of those fans who waited it out and after ten years we got a SoCo. reunion tour. At this point it kind of freaks me out to think if something similar happened with Jack’s, I would be thirty-five. Hopefully my life looks a little different ten years down the road, than it does now.

Watch this video to learn more about the Dear Jack foundation and the Light the Night event that raises money and awareness for leukemia and lymphoma:

Or this trailer to the documentary Dear Jack, chronicling Andrew’s own battle with cancer (incredible and I highly recommend watching):

And if you’re not familiar with the band in general, their sound has evolved over time like most bands, (but is consistently awesome.) Here’s an official music video from 2006 for the song “The Mixed Tape” off their first album Everything’s In Transit:

Later they released The Glass Passenger, the Dear Jack EP, and then People and Things.

You’re also a fan and wanted to keep up to date with what’s happening? Follow Andrew on Twitter, Facebook,, and one of my faves his instagram account: @amnthewilderness.

*Note: yeah, this isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about either of these great bands – see Throwback Thursday on “21 and Invincible” and “My Racing Thoughts.”*

And for a personal touch, here’s a photo of one of the most awesome moments I’ve experienced to date (in 2006 after the Jack’s concert at the House of Blues Orlando):

**UPDATE: Andrew tweeted today: “Making the move from Jack’s is no easy call, but it’s for the best of my music and mind. No fear, I’ll play JM songs live til the day I die!”**

So, that’s exciting. Also, the Facebook page is pretty entertaining with fans’ suggestions (such as AM collaborating with Jesse Lacey, or SoCo getting back together.)


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