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Read This: Something Borrowed

I know, this is weird right? I’m not reading a recently published memoir, or a Young Adult fiction novel. (Though I’ll admit, I do have Burn for Burn, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Off Balance on the way in the mail from Amazon! These titles fit my usual bill you’re used to reading about.) Earlier this month a friend of mine was surprised to learn I hadn’t read anything by popular romance novelist Emily Giffin, he suggested Something Borrowed be next on my to-read list. I remembered when I first arrived in London for our study abroad stint (Lizzi got there first, after having spent a few days with her dad visiting family outside of the city.) She had been reading Giffin’s books then, and told me how great they were, (and I recall her flying through the stories.) After a trip to the Friends of the Library bookstore where I picked up a copy last week, I got to reading. I sent Lizzi a text about what I was finally reading, and she said it was a really good one, but “kind of depressing.” Uh-oh. Could I handle a ‘somewhat depressing’ novel, right now? I’ll admit, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into with this book. I was instantly hooked, but for a fair amount of the time I had an uneasy anxious feeling due to the subject matter. Would these characters I’d developed a love-hate relationship with, be caught in their indiscretion, and ruin all the most involved relationships in their lives?

Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since elementary school in Indiana. Now they’ve reached what used to seem so far off, that pivotal age of thirty. They’re living in the city, both established in their jobs. Rachel works for a law firm (and hates her job,) Darcy works for a PR firm (and supposedly loves it.) They’ve got a good social network, and though Darcy has a fabulous love life, (engaged to her boyfriend of seven years, Dex,) Rachel feels less “lucky” in this department. That is until Rachel’s 30th birthday party…thus marks the beginning of a forbidden love affair, blossoming from another long-term friendship.

I guess I just felt, “unsettled” while I was reading this. Affairs are messy, and even if you don’t like the character being cheated on, can the situation really be justified? Ugh. A surprise trip nearing the end of the novel, which kind of gave everything a flip around, and steered me away from the typical ending I expected, and made up for the uneasiness of the rest of the reading. I’m glad I read it, so now I’m familiar with the author and because it was a little different from my typical novels lately. Also, there’s a sequel Something Blue, which is actually written from Darcy’s perspective. Though I found her pretty annoying, I’d be sort of interested to see what Giffin does with that, and will probably end up reading it as well.

While I was reading, I vaguely recalled a movie trailer for what have been this novel, and sure enough the same friend who recommended I read it, told me that the movie was cast well and I’d probably enjoy it too. I looked it up on IMDB and I love that John Krasinski was cast as Ethan. Since it’s on Netflix, I am sure I’ll find myself watching it soon.

Here’s a trailer for the film version of Something Borrowed, in case you’re interested (though obviously, I can’t give an opinion yet because I haven’t seen it!)


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