Throwback Thursday, Watch This

Throwback Thursday, Watch This: Elizabethtown

Happy Thursday everybody! That means, we’re just a sleep away from Friday and then bam! the weekend is here, once again. Last Thursday I shared one of my all time favorites with you all: Garden State. Well, there’s another film that was basically neck-and-neck with GS, in my tops for a long, long time. Their content is really different, but kind of eerily similar if you think about it and the movie I’m talking about is…Elizabethtown! This movie was released in 2005, the fall of my senior year in high school. It probably comes as no surprise that I would love it, since it’s directed by none other than the wonderful Cameron Crowe! (Again, pssst anytime you need me to come hang out on a set and follow any orders, I’m out here!)

In the film, we meet Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom), who’s in the middle of a huge meltdown as his job as a hotshot shoe designer is falling apart. He’s desperate and on the edge of a permanent decision when he receives a call from his sister to inform him of his father’s death. All of a sudden, it’s up to him to fly across the country to Elizabethtown to retrieve his father’s body and deal with his dad’s side of the family for the arrangements because his mother does not get along with them. Of course, as with any film where the main character travels across the country to a completely different locale with a slower pace of life, less traffic, twangy accents and good-hearted welcoming family is involved – a whole new sort of adventure that allows Drew to reconnect with his roots, ensues. Also starring another favorite of mine, Kirsten Dunst, there is of course a romantic story entwined as well! Plus, Paula Deen, Susan Sarandon, Paul Schneider, Alec Baldwin, Jessica Biel, Louden Wainwright…on and on goes the list of wonderful cast members.

I have never been able to watch this film without crying, but along with the tears there’s also a lot of laughter, and singing along to its awesome soundtrack! There are lines I know by heart in this one too. (“I’m impossible to forget,but hard to remember…” and “Sadness is easier because its surrender. I say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free.” and so many more, just watch it I swear.) There are so many scenes I want to mention here, but if you haven’t seen it yet I don’t want to spoil them for you! (I will say, there are ROAD TRIPS involved, EEK!) So, my advice is if you missed this one, definitely give it a watch! Here’s the trailer to give you a peek:


If you have seen it, or you watch it after reading this and want to chat it about it, feel free to leave a comment!

1 thought on “Throwback Thursday, Watch This: Elizabethtown”

  1. This is my all-time favorite movie, yet to be topped by anything I’ve seen since. I’m not sure what it is about this movie, but something in it just strikes a chord with me every time I watch it. I wish more people knew this movie was so good, it pains me when people just blow it off because it wasn’t a blockbuster.

    Glad to see someone else shares the love!

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