Listen to This: “Age Six Racer” and “Stolen”

Happy Friday everybody! Y’all know by now how much I love Fridays. Probably because they’re a prelude to what I think is my favorite, Saturday. (Though I’ll never complain about a great morning at City Church and a Sunday brunch.) Anyway, not only is it September 21st, but it’s the last official day of summer. Tomorrow marks the beginning of fall. For us Floridians, (Chris is from SoFla btw!) this isn’t really a significant turning point because the weather moves at a much slower pace. We’ll continue to get those summer-like thunderstorms, sweat drenching heavy humidity, and sweltering high temperatures. That is until one morning when all of a sudden you go outside and realize, it’d be a lot better if you had on a coat. It happens just like that, like the snap of your fingers. Although, I will say the mornings are darker (pre-time change,) and the leaves are getting crunchier around the neighborhood. Maybe these are our own little signs of the changing season.

It’s been a bit of a personal tradition of mine to always listen to Dashboard Confessional’s “Age Six Racer” (on the Swiss Army Romance album)at the end of summer each year, since sometime in middle school. (I especially enjoyed listening to this song on the last night before school started over the years, too.) So, with that – I’d like to share it with you all today! So long sweet summer, enjoy guys!
Here’s a live version of the song someone uploaded to YouTube several years ago:


Also, let’s do another double whammy because it’s Friday so it should have some extra pizazz! This official video from Chris Carrabba is another wonderful summer song, (and the video is gorgeous!) This one’s a bit less obscure, so you’ll probably recognize it. Plus, it’s totally different from Age Six but the imagery is so pretty in the video and made me want to escape to the beach asap, so I had to share. Here’s, “Stolen” (from the album Dusk and Summer):


2 thoughts on “Listen to This: “Age Six Racer” and “Stolen””

    1. ahh, I’m glad you love them too! They remind me of my high school days as well 🙂 it’s nice when I can just sing a long and they don’t make me feel like I’m gonna burst into tears anymore though haha

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