Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “23”

I was listening to the Jack’s Mannequin Pandora station (surprise, surprise) on my run this morning, and up popped “23” by Jimmy Eat World. I had to laugh at myself for the number of thoughts that flew through my mind in that 7 minutes and 40 seconds of play time. First, I thought: my favorite bands need to start making songs with higher ages in the lyrics…like thirty because I can still remember when I’d hear “21 and Invincible” or this song, or Yellowcard songs and think that the ages they were singing about were so far off, and now I’ve surpassed them. It’s weird. Then I thought about when the Futures album came out. That’s something I can sort of laugh about to myself now too, thankfully. Who ever thought it’d be a good idea to go with your first “boyfriend” to Halloween Horror Nights for his birthday weekend, with your best friend and the guys best friend and family, post “break-up” (we won’t get into the brutal details) obviously, you guessed it…me. Apparently I’ve been emotionally torturing myself for years. (The trip had been planned for a while, we were all still “friends” and it seemed like an OK idea at the time.) To make a longer story shorter, it was not a very good idea, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, which makes it easily accessible for some bruising, AND you try wandering around a gift store with a guy you like when he tries to find a present for the new girl he likes? Yeahhh…so the point of all this is, I very clearly remember the time this album came out because after a long ride back to Inverness with JD, when I walked back inside my house, and to my room like the moody teenager I was, this album was waiting for me in a bag on my door. I can’t tell you the number of times I played it, it’s a wonder it’s not just full of scratches and skips these days. Luckily, I wasn’t single-track minded and had other things to think about than my beat-up heart. (Ala, the Presidential Election of 2004 – hence, “Futures.”) There is so much nostalgia this album encompasses for me – that Orlando weekend, optimism about the future, my LiveJournal friend Esther who loved Jimmy Eat World – oh the memories!

Blahblahblah the angsty drama of the teenage years, but this is one of the great albums that came out when I was sixteen and that’s why I wanted to share “23” with you for Throwback Thursday. If you’re not familiar with Jimmy Eat World, I suggest you check out their older stuff too because it’s all pretty darn awesome. As for “23” give it a listen:


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