Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday Listen to This: “Fast Car”

I know, I know heavy on the listen to this posts, but I’ll be mixing it up soon! In the meantime, I’ve been listening to the Hootie and the Blowfish Pandora station a lot again, lately and this morning one fine little gem popped up and I immediately thought “Hey! That should make it on a Throwback Thursday post.” So here you have it: Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” from her self-titled album. I knew this was a throwback, but I had kind of forgotten how far back, 1988 actually. I was only one. Seriously?! Yeah…

I remember listening to this song at specific times in my life. From younger years when I obviously didn’t understand but hey my dad has pretty good taste in music and introduced us to some awesome artists at a young age. Then later, in high school there’s a really clear memory I have with this song. Climbing into the black leather passenger seat of one of my best guy friend’s car, ready for adventures. Sometimes, we’d just drive. Other times we actually went somewhere. But there was such an easiness about all of it. The familiarity of a friendship that feels like a worn-in pair of jeans. He’d turn it up and we would belt it out. And I loved nothing more in those moments than driving fast with the windows down watching the houses whiz by in a blur. I can picture his hands drumming on the steering wheel now.

Then, in more recent times when my younger brother pledged his fraternity, apparently this was quite the anthem during hang outs. You know when guys are all sitting around together, playing video games, drinking beer. So when we’d all be hanging out at his apartment, or road trips to the beach and such – he would blast it. Sometimes, on repeat. I kind of love that it’s a song that all the different groups of friends I have can appreciate together. It’s one of those sing-a-long and feel warm inside songs.


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