Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “Piano Man”

There are a few songs in life I’ve had a long time obsession with, and Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is one of them. Last Friday, I was hanging out with some of my favorite friends from college, and then this whole lost key debacle went down. (Yeah, a little more than a week after I locked my keys in my car – you’re telling me.) I ended up calling roadside assistance and they sent someone from Pop-a-Lock to help me out. (Though, fun fact – the keys were not in my car. After a cross town scavenger hunt, guess where they were retrieved from? Underneath a Lilly koozie in the Gordo’s parking lot! My key chain library card was shining from the grass under the street lamp – no joke.) Anyway, I was getting a little grumpy pants mostly out of frustration as we had taken everything out of my friend’s car, my purses, etc. and not so much about the keys but at my self because lately I am like the queen of losing things! (I spent twenty minutes after work that day looking for my cell phone and it turns out it was buried in my purse the whole time.) I promise this story has a point, and that point is that while I didn’t wanna ruin my friend’s night – we’d just gotten to Paddy’s and I tried to insist that they go on a head inside while I tried to regroup and such. But alas they drug me in with them for the wait time. Just as we walked in, “Piano Man” was playing from the jukebox and my friend says, c’mon I know, you’re loving this, you can’t not smile right now. And just as he said – a huge smile spread across my face. That’s how much I love this song. It’s an instant mood changer. I have an infinite love for the songs that are automatic sing-a-longs when they’re playing.

I remember it being played at the piano bar on our spring break cruise senior year. I wanted to bottle up that time and take it with me every time we went out. (Why doesn’t Tallahassee have a good ole fashioned piano bar? If I had more funds, I would totally try and get this establishment going. Though Tally is a hard place to crack into…)

The song also makes me recall a time when I danced to it. I am not a dancer, this much is clear so my nights that involve dancing are all very clear to me. I was dancing with exactly who I’d want to be dancing with, but (and if you’ve been on the other side of that you know what I’m talking about…) I’m pretty sure it was one of those moments where my partner was counting down the seconds for the song to be over so they could break away. REGARDLESS, the song was not ruined for me.

I’m still in love and will continue to belt it out in my kitchen as it plays on my little red record player. I’ll squeal with excitement every time it pours out of the jukebox. I’ll wear out the repeat button on my computer and I’ll request it on road trips. So today let’s give “Piano Man” some love, check out this awesome, serious throwback video:

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