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Listen and Watch This: Halloween Edition!

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve made it to the halfway point of the week, and tada here in America it’s Halloween. I’m not a big fan of horror films, so today I’ll share some other fun themed things with you:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Oh my! My parents are the ones who first introduced me to this crazy classic. I remember my dad sharing stories about the first time he saw it, and the dressed up interactive audience. When one of my favorite friends Kirsten went to college, we had a similar experience one of the weekends I went to visit her. Then (I think it was our last night there, actually) Lizzi and I went and bundled up to watch it at the Scoop in London. Now that was a fun audience for sure. Periodically there are midnight showings (FSU’S SLC has one on Friday night this week!) It’s zany and outrageous, and impossible not to sing along. Glee had a RHPS themed episode, and here’s one of my favorite songs from it:


If you’re not familiar with this cult-classic, here’s an old trailer of the original film:


And for another Halloween-themed favorite film that’s a little more family friendly (and ABC Family has been running a lot lately actually) HOCUS POCUS!


So yeah, you’re probably not going to find me on my sofa watching The Shining or The Exorcist (actually, I can promise you this) but there are plenty of great alternatives that aren’t nightmare inducing. I haven’t carved any pumpkins yet, but I love roasting the seeds so I may have to pick one up on my way home tonight. And we’ve got some candy on standby in case any cute little trick or treaters come by!


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