Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday, Listen to This: “Clean White Love”

Happy Thursday all! Hope you had a successful Halloween yesterday, and if not indulge your sorrows in some deep discounted post-holiday candy. (Yeah, I should be avoiding that as I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore, but rather a mouth of all sweet teeth.) ANYWAYS…it’s throwback Thursday! Today’s throwback doesn’t extend as far in the past as some lately, but it’s a “throwback” none-the-less. My housemate just ordered some new kitchen appliances this week, which was very exciting. Upon oohing and ahhing over the pretty, full-functioning items I heard my phone go off. That wouldn’t be weird, (other than that there’s only one handful of people who call me,) but it was the fact that I didn’t even realize it was my phone at first. Probably because my phone is always on vibrate, but still…hello! And why should it be? (Other than I frequent the library enough that people would probably be disturbed if I forgot to turn it down.) The fact is, I’m jipping myself on the opportunity to listen to a great song all the time. Lisa Mitchell‘s “Clean White Love.” The song is featured on the entirely awesome album Wonder. I didn’t discover her until my first post-college summer, but I was completely enamored with her beautiful voice. I was on quite the snail-mail roll, and I remember writing to everyone about her, gushing over how fantastic she was and everyone needed to give her a listen. I’d include her songs on my mixes, make her lyrics my Facebook status, blast the songs on repeat while I ate breakfast and job searched everyday. Seriously, she’s just absolutely wonderful. (“Coin Laundry” was the first song I heard from her, and I’m trying to remember how…I want to say maybe this all had a vague connection to the crazy shooting episode of Grey’s Anatomy because that’s what else I remember from the beginning of that summer.) Anyway, all of this goes to say that I should leave my phone on ring more often, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about you should watch this pretty, official video for “Clean White Love”:


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